September 09 – Discovery of Asteroid 61 Danaë (1860)

Asteroid 61 Danaë  –  discovered September 9th 1860. Danaë is a large, rocky S-type asteroid of about 80 km diameter in the main belt, rotating every eleven and a half hours. It was discovered from Paris by Hermann Goldschmidt, but named by fellow asteroid hunter Robert Luther after the mother of Perseus.  The father was, as usual, Zeus, who impregnated her in the guise of a shower of golden rain (no comment).

Danaë, in playful mood.


Asteroid 56 Melete discovered, 1857.

Asteroid 189 Phthia discovered, 1878.

Asteroid 297 Caecilia  discovered, 1890.

Asteroid 298 Baptistina discovered, 1890.

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