October 02 – Asteroid 704 Interamnia

Asteroid 704 Interamnia was discovered on October 2nd 1910, and although I don’t normally go much above the two hundreds with these things, 704 gets a mention because it might well be the fifth largest asteroid in the main belt.

Interamnia was discovered by Vincenzo Cerulli, making his first, and possibly last, appearance here, unless I add him to the birthday boy list.  Interamnia was his only asteroid.

Data from the occultation of a star in 2003 gave a mean diameter of about 325 km for Interamnia, making it the one hundred and tenth largest object in the Solar System (probably).   And its a fast spinner too, rotating about its axis in under nine hours.

Vincenzo Cerulli owned an observatory in Teramo, central Italy, the Latin name for which is Interamnia (meaning “between two rivers”).

Arms of the town of Teramo.

Arms of the town of Teramo.

 1899  –  Asteroid 445 Edna discovered by American astronomer Edwin Foster Coddington.


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