February 25 – Asteroid 265 Anna

February 25, 1887  –  265 Anna

Asteroid 265 Anna, a 24 km wide main belt asteroid of unknown spectral type, was discovered from Vienna by Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa.  It is thought to have been named after the daughter of Edmund Weiss, director of the Vienna Observatory.

Astronomer Edmund Weiss: Anna's Dad?

Astronomer Edmund Weiss: Anna’s Dad?

February 25, 1892  –  324 Bamberga

Five years later, on this day in 1892, Palisa discovered asteroid 324 Bamberga.  It is a main belt asteroid, the brightest of its class (C-type), and the tenth brightest overall, reaching magnitude +8 when at opposition near perihelion.

Johann Palisa was a prolific discoverer of asteroids by anyone’s standards, finding 122 over a period of just under 50 years.  This made him the most successful visual asteroid spotter of all time.  He was only surpassed when photography became the main method of discovery.


1971  –  Launch of Cosmos 397.



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